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Infor ERP SyteLine

For Production Scheduling, Costing and Engineering Professionals

Infor ERP SyteLine helps production scheduling, costing and engineering professionals manage production processes to deliver the right product on time and on budget.

Specific functionality geared to these user roles includes: 

  •  Mixed-mode manufacturing methods including Job Work Orders, Repetitive Production Schedules, Kanban/Pullsystem, Project manufacturing, and Repair Orders
  •  Scheduling: Infinite/finite, backward/forward, considering priorities, multiple simultaneous resources, overlapping operations, shift calendars, bottleneck workcenters, outside operations, maintenance, material availability
  •  Multi-site manufacturing with allocations, intercompany transfers
  •  Capacity Requirements Planning (machine and crew based)
  •  Dispatching, including sequencing of like-kind operations
  •  Master Production Scheduling
  •  Co/By Products, multiple items produced from single job
  •  Labor tracking and analysis by job or work-center
  •  Quality management, inspection instructions, MRB locations, reporting by reason code,
  •  Flexible costing – actual, standard, specific, period-based
  •  Overhead costing based on material, labor or machine time
  •  Costing by item or job in 5 cost buckets, thru all levels to GL
  •  Outsourcing, sub-contract processing and tracking
  •  Flexible back-flushing of material, labor, and overhead
  •  Bar code data collection, touch screen, RF device support
  •  Attach drawings, CAD files, spec documents to job orders
  •  Machine-hour tracking and reporting
  •  Tooling requirements and tool tracking
  •  Bill-of-Manufacture (combined BOM, routing, work instructions, docs)
  •  Drag and drop BOM maintenance
  •  Engineering Change control, effective dating, mass substitute
  •  CAD interface (bi-directional)

To learn more about Infor ERP SyteLine for production scheduling, costing and engineering professionals, visit our Infor ERP SyteLine overview or contact BTA today.

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