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Infor ERP SyteLine

For Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Service Professionals

Infor ERP SyteLine helps sales, customer relationship management and service professionals increase sales and build and manage long-term customer relationships.

Specific functionality geared to these user roles includes: 

  •  Quote generation and cost\profit analysis
  •  Engineering sandbox development
  •  What-if scheduling and promise date calculation
  •  Product configuration with prompted features\options
  •  Available-to-Promise date calculation
  •  Automatic pricing based on contract, matrix, or formula
  •  Customer Order entry
  •  Automatic credit checking with customer or order hold
  •  Soft and hard allocation of inventory to customer order
  •  Automatic logging of changes to Customer Orders
  •  Return Material Authorizations, warranty tracking
  •  Credit request processing
  •  Contact management and activity logs
  •  Leads, Prospects, Campaigns, and Opportunity management
  •  Outlook integration
  •  Order deposit processing
  •  Progress (milestone) billing and revenue recognition
  •  3 Tier Customers (Corporate, Bill-To, Ship-To)
  •  Drop shipping by order, line, or release
  •  Blanket orders with multiple release dates
  •  Ship Early/Partial processing
  •  Real-time, Job status and time-phased item availability
  •  Link Customer Orders to Job Orders, Purchase Orders
  •  Discount by order or line
  •  Entry date, Request date, Due date, Capable date
  •  Sales, booking and backlog reporting
  •  Commission calculation with tiers, overrides and splits
  •  Field service management, service orders, repair history, warranty management, technician scheduling, time and material billing.

To learn more about Infor ERP SyteLine for sales, customer relationship management and service professionals, visit our Infor ERP SyteLine overview or, contact BTA today.

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