Improving Business Performance with Technology

Infor ERP SyteLine for Industrial Equipment

Delivering Customer Service and Managing the Product Lifecycle

For industrial equipment manufacturers today, innovation is the most important driver—innovation not only in engineering and product development, but also in production, business process, and aftermarket services to bring new value to the total product lifecycle.

Using Infor ERP SyteLine, industrial equipment manufactures can manage complex products, extensive engineering activity, tight deadlines and cost containment pressures while striving to meet competition from around the globe with features including:

  •  Rules-based, parametric and multi-level sales configurator
  •  Product data management, engineering change management and document management
  •  Multi-level bill of material management, same-as-except BOM creation, where-used
  •  Project management and costing
  •  Real time material availability, planning and procurement
  •  Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) to manage materials and resources to meet customer due dates
  •  Comprehensive opportunity tracking and customer relationship management (CRM)
  •  Capturing material and labor costs and controlling work in process and work order status
  •  Service and Repair costing, billing and tracking

… and many more.

Read more about the Infor ERP SyteLine Solution and download our brochure on Industrial Equipment Essentials.

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