Improving Business Performance with Technology

Infor ERP SyteLine for Metal Fabrication

Automating and Integrating Business Processes

Manufacturers in the metal fabrication industry face many challenges. Fabricators must maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements while operating effective continuous replenishment systems. They must determine a productive way to collaborate with customers on designs and manage resources globally to fulfill design elements. In order to align their production plans with customer's demand, metal fabricators must integrate seamlessly into the customer's own processes.

Using Infor ERP SyteLine, metal fabrication manufactures can manage production costs, product quality, and on-time delivery by automating and integrating business processes and improving management information with features including:

  •  Real-time Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) to manage materials and resources
  •  Manage quality by capturing test data and following through on non-conforming parts
  •  Efficient capture of labor and machine costs by job and tracking job status
  •  Consolidation of material requirements to reduce costs and improve purchasing efficiency
  •  Managing priorities and capacity constraints to meet customer due dates
  •  Lot  Traceability from raw materials to products to customers
  •  Workflow with process flows, approvals, and document management
  •  Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)

… and many more.

Read more about the Infor ERP SyteLine Solution and download our brochure on Metal Fabrication Essentials.


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