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Infor ERP SyteLine

Complete ERP Solution for Manufacturers

Infor ERP SyteLine is an advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed specifically to address the key challenges faced by manufacturers, increasing productivity, improving customer service, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.  Used by over 5,000 manufacturers world-wide, Infor ERP SyteLine enables the processes you need to accelerate production and meet customer demand more quickly. 

Using Infor ERP SyteLine, manufacturers are able to:

  • Increase customer responsiveness and satisfaction
  • Plan and schedule order by order, resource by resource
  • Manage production costs and increase profits
  • Minimize error-prone manual steps and eliminate waste
  • Deliver orders on time, every time
  • Reduce inventory levels and shortages
  • Leverage innovative technologies

Supporting continual change as manufacturers strive to maintain their competitive edge and adapt their business processes to meet customer promises, demands and business-specific requirements, Infor ERP SyteLine provides:

  •  Customer Service, Quoting and Order Management with integrated CRM capabilities to manage opportunities and the sales process and build long-term customer relationships, from initial contact to estimating, invoicing and after-the-sale service.
  •  Product Configuration to ensure configured orders are accurate for the customer and feasible for production based on predetermined options and include/exclude logic or advanced rules.
  •  Engineering functionality that integrates bill of material, routing, document management and work instruction maintenance with production processes including ECN and revision tracking, project management, PLM/CAD integration, estimating, where-is and mass find/replace capabilities.
  •  Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), a fully integrated, real time planning engine that synchronizes material availability and resource capacity to customer orders and constantly monitors your capable-to-promise dates versus customer due dates and provides real-time promise dates with drill down to material and resource constraints.
  •  Production Control and Costing to track work order status, control priorities, manage documentation, capture and manage labor, material and machine costs and deliver quality products on time and on budget in MTO, MTS, ETO and Kanban shops. 
  •  Materials and Inventory Management to keep your inventory low without encountering shortages and for purchasing and warehouse management for multiple locations and manufacturing sites including, cycle counting, lot and serial tracking, shipping and inter-site transfers.  
  •  Quality Control to help you execute your quality system, capture quality data and track and resolve non-compliances in vendor, customer and production quality plans.
  •  Forecasting, Sales and Operations Planning tools to develop statistical or collaborative demand forecasts and workbenches  to help balance demand and supply and KPI’s and charts to analyze the plans versus the actual results.  
  •  Project Management and Costing for coordinating all the activities, resources and costs of a customer or internal project.  Manage budgets and costs in user-defined buckets, use a project to tie together all work orders, resources, purchase orders, inventory, engineering and on-site work for managing the timeline and profit.  Control billing, cost and revenue recognition based on milestones and integrate with Microsoft Project for advanced reporting and Gantt charts. 
  •  Service and Repair to manage RMA’s and Field Service operations, administer warranties, service contracts and preventive maintenance, capture and bill repair costs using flexible billing options, manage loaners/exchanges, schedule technicians and track unit repair history. 
  •  Financial Management to streamline financial processes and reduce costs, increase accuracy of financial data, provide better oversight of expenses and cash flow, improve credit and collections management and enable tighter control over project and cost accounting including fully integrated GL, AP, AR, PR, HR, FA, Budgeting, Project Costing, multi-entity and multi-currency.
  •  Event-driven Workflow to drive consistency and completeness, enhance communications and simplify processes for cost and time savings by building workflows that respond to key events or actions by sending notifications, prompting users for action, suspending transactions until approvals are received, and passing along documents and ERP information in messages.  
  •  Management Metrics and Dashboards to consolidate role related views of real-time Key Performance Indicators, performance data, queries, and charts/graphs with slice/dice and drill down to help monitor and manage operations.

SyteLine offers the most complete suite of tightly integrated applications, all with a consistent Microsoft Excel/Outlook user interface, on a scalable, stable, common platform… Microsoft .NET.  SyteLine is the only complete ERP system that is 100% built and deployed on Microsoft.NET and provides a Zero Maintenance web-based client.  This technology platform provides more flexibility and improved interoperability — all at a lower total cost of ownership.

SyteLine also offers unparalleled ease-of-use and ease of customization without source code modification.  Users can easily add new fields, validations, and views,  Users can streamline navigation and change business logic to adapt to your processes,  But unlike other ERP systems where this is expensive and must be redone to upgrade… most SyteLine customizations don’t require programming code and automatically roll forward to future versions.
In addition to the base ERP applications for managing the most common operations of a mid-sized manufacturer, the following fully integrated applications are available to complete the enterprise system that's right for your specific business needs:

  •  SyteLine Forecasting
  •  SyteLEAN PullSystem
  •  Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 
  •  Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 
  •  Rules-based, parametric and multi-level sales configurator 
  •  Advanced Budgeting and Performance Management (PM)
  •  Business Intelligence (BI) and OLAP Analytics 
  •  Shop Floor Labor Collection, Document Mgt, Time and Attendance 
  •  Customer and Supplier Portals
  •  Web Storefront
  •  Point of Sale (POS)
  •  Advanced Shipping and Logistics
  •  Bar code/hand held data collection
  •  Plant maintenance management

Built and deployed on the Microsoft .NET technology platform, Infor ERP SyteLine offers a user interface (UI) that is familiar to your employees that use Microsoft Office and is integrated with Excel, Word, Outlook and Project.  This technology also allows SyteLine to easily integrate your core ERP capabilities with other  applications, tying together all of your company operations and eliminating duplicate effort.  Because SyteLine is 100% Microsoft .NET, it runs on common standard servers and requires virtually no maintenance.

Plus, the solution has been designed to be easily customized without programming so it can be tailored to address your specific business needs, down to your unique industry and role requirements.  To preserve your investments in customization, they SyteLine Framework technology automatically upgrades most customizations when you upgrade to newer versions of SyteLine.   Visit our SyteLine Technology page to learn more.

Contact BTA today to learn more about the Infor ERP SyteLine solution for manufacturers and our SyteLine add-on applications.

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