Improving Business Performance with Technology

Lean Consulting and Kaizen Events

Eliminating Waste and Improving Efficiency in Manufacturing Operations

BTA’s senior manufacturing consultants provide advice and training in implementing lean concepts in production and warehouse operations and also offer Kaizen Event facilitation.   Our lean consultants each offer over 20 years of managerial manufacturing experience combined with APICS or Six Sigma certifications.   Together, we help you establish measureable goals in the areas of on-time delivery, inventory reduction, manufacturing lead time, space utilization and production efficiency.  We then help you construct project plans to meet these goals and assist with the implementation with small projects that yield quick results.  

Our proven methodology commonly results in reducing excess inventory over 50%, reducing WIP over 75%, improving on-time delivery by over 50%, and increasing production efficiency over 100%.   BTA’s lean consulting services include:

  •  ERP requirements definition and evaluation 
  •  Forecasting, PullSystem and Kanban Execution consulting 
  •  Kaizen Event facilitation 
  •  Training in Lean manufacturing principles 
  •  Process evaluation and improvement 
  •  Evaluation and implementation of Bar coding, RFID, Auto ID and wireless systems 
  •  Inventory right-sizing 
  •  Multi-warehouse, distribution and replenishment consulting 
  •  Customer consignment inventory setup and replenishment
  •  Production and warehouse layout design

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